Friday, March 27, 2009

Colorado Radon Testing

It's quite encouraging that more and more people are taking radon gas testing more serious. Maybe the agony it has caused many is the main source of this awareness. Nevertheless, we should not take chances when it comes to this gas and actually we should ensure that the test is done in our homes either by professionals or doing it ourselves with a home test kit.

Even though the home test kits are helpful, we definitely need the help of a special laboratory for analyzing the results of the test. One thing that is noticeable is that the levels of this gas can change depending on the weather. For instance, in winter the levels tend to be much higher while in summer the levels are quite lower. Nevertheless, if you live in a house that is third floor and upwards, then the risks are quite minimal.

When it comes to radon testing, devices that require longer periods of time in testing are more reliable and accurate. The reasoning behind this is that, radon levels change depending on the seasons and thus this devices that are long-term are able to get the average gas value of different seasons. Nevertheless, the minimum time that you need to expose the kit may carry depending on the device that you have.

On windy and stormy days Colorado radon testing might not be reliable and thus it's advisable for one to check the weather forecast before carrying out the test. However, if you prefer to go for short-term testing, then you should ensure that you keep all the windows and doors closed for about twelve hours before you start the test. This way, you'll be able to get accurate results.

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